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Plexar Associates, Inc. is an engineering, consulting company specializing in algorithm development in imaging science. Primary application areas include medical imaging, industrial imaging and vision systems and non-destructive evaluation (NDE). We develop effective and efficient algorithms for solving image and signal processing problems. For some projects, we provide the entire product development. For other projects, we develop the algorithms, providing detailed proof-of-concept using real client data and work with the client’s engineers to successfully move the new algorithms into the client’s product.

Very often, when we are in the midst of a detailed development, someone reminds us of the key question that permeates our strategy, “What does our client need?” We have found, over the years, that if we maintain that focus on our client’s need, our success will follow.

Our projects are often complex, many times with the goal of creating an original technology or product. In such scenarios, we often encounter unanticipated problems. The handling of those problems is at the core of who we are: honest, straightforward, transparent, a culture that listens.

Using open project team communication, our people often see things outside of their own expertise and Plexar welcomes that interaction.

Plexar specializes in algorithm development in imaging science with technical excellence and exceptional attention to detail


Why choose us?

Our approach to solving problems typically includes the use of our extensive toolbox of algorithms and data visualization methods.  Using this toolbox and data from our clients, we are often able to generate an early proof-of-concept.  Components in our toolbox are freely used in the algorithms we develop.  At all times, during the development of a solution, we prepare detailed reports and design descriptions, illustrating solutions and issues with images, graphs and measurement tables.  And, most importantly, we communicate via reviews and strategy sessions with our clients.

Depending on our client’s resources, we will sometimes hand off our robust algorithmic solutions to the client for integration into their product.  Other times, we will develop the product component(s) that implement our solutions.  We can develop full user, installation and support documentation or assist our client with that development.

Our project support often extends beyond development of a solution to include product testing, product deployment and ongoing support.  In fact, for many of the solutions we have provided, Plexar continues to provide upgrades and support years after completion of the first product revision.  Also, our clients may choose to have Plexar provide the solution but leave the product integration and product support to their engineers.

To deliver solutions to our clients, we can provide a variety of services such as high-level expertise in physics and mathematics, algorithm and software development, system testing, reports and documentation, technical white papers as well as quality testing to support product approvals


If you need help developing a solution to a problem that involves acquiring and processing data, Plexar can be your solution provider.  If your need involves the development of credible quality metrics for your product or process, contact us.  If you need assistance with image acquisition and processing, Plexar has the tools and expertise to provide a solution.

  • Image Reconstruction
  • Inverse Problems
  • Medical Imaging
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Signal Processing
  • X-ray Measurements

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We are Plexar

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out to bring our clients robust solutions for the imaging science industry.