Our vast experience derives from the diversity of its projects spanning its 33 year history.



Mathematics, Physics, Algorithms, Software Development and System Design are some of the skills we use in providing solutions.


The team consists of highly educated scientific engineers who provide a wide range of expertise in the fields of Imaging Science, Physics and Mathematics and Engineering and Software.

Who We Are, What We Do





For more than 33 years, Plexar has been providing solutions for complex imaging and signal processing problems. We develop algorithms, often involving sophisticated mathematical methods, proving that the algorithms work robustly for our client’s real-world data. We often convert these solutions into products or assist our client with the productization.  Additionally, we provide professional documentation for design, reports, white papers and patents.


Some of Our Core Services

Computed Tomography (CT)

Our industry leading team has a combined total of more than 80 years of experience in computed tomography (CT) – including the physics of CT, CT reconstruction and calibration, x-ray dose management and CT image quality.


Image Quality Metrics

In every system that produces or utilizes images, it is imperative to establish metrics regarding the quality of the images. As we determine the appropriate metrics for the system, we can then develop the algorithms or products that calculate those metrics from the system images.

Data Acquisition and Calibration

Our expertise involves systems that collect data measurements of physical phenomena from a wide variety of measuring devices.  We develop algorithms  to calibrate the devices, establishing key results.


Machine Vision

The image processing skills, provided by our team, are the basis for solving complex machine vision problems that typically require sophisticated geometry transforms and always require image feature detection and classification.

Image Processing

Nearly all of our projects involve image processing, in some cases producing the quality images required for our clients’ products, in other cases using acquired images to establish a key metric or conclusion.


Reports and Documentation

We often take the lead in producing quality project reports and technology documentation for our clients. This includes progress reports, visualization for reviews, design and test documentation consistent with any regulatory requirements.

Meet our team

Plexar’s core competence derives from the skills of our diverse group of experts.  In addition, each person on our team embodies the mission and values that have been developed and nurtured during our 33 year history. The team presented on our website is augmented by other consultants, who have key expertise that can be invoked as our projects require.



Affiliations & Clients

We work together with other businesses to craft partnerships along with a unique and innovative approach.
We thrive on collaborating with clients who are looking to push the limits and think outside the box.